People process information in different ways, so the words you choose matter. 

We offer services that help you start the right conversation -- online or in person.  

By investing in your approach, you set the stage for growth.


Starting a conversation with your audience begins with the right introduction.  How your website, advertising, and general communication is viewed matters. 

Writing online content that people scan is very different than writing advertising copy - we understand that and navigate it for you.  If you are building or expanding your business, we take the burden of finding the right words for the right medium off your hands.

We will be your partner in developing text for your website, as well as finding the right wording for your advertising.  From medical consultants to artists, we've helped our clients develop messages that honor what they do, but resonate with their audience. 


Have you already transitioned your ideas to paper? Our goal is to enhance your unique voice before it goes to print or is published onine. 

We'll examine your work with fresh eyes to ensure that the message is clear, lacks redundancies, transitions properly, and meets applicable APA, AP, or MLA standards.  


From Gonzaga to Georgetown to the Naval War College -- we've helped students submit their best work.  We've also helped researchers outside the United States submit technical papers for publication. 


Services include basic to heavy editing for academic work, as well as text for print and online media. 


Often times we don’t see the things right in front of us because we are simply too close to it. 

Our approach is to uncover your strengths and opportunities to grow through a communication audit and outreach strategy development. 

Audits include in-person interviews, surveys, observations, and research.  After the audit, we work with you on the implementation and outreach to ensure success. 


All services begin with a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation. After gaining a better understanding of your goals and how you want to grow, we get to work.  We research the latest data, as well as who your audience is or could be.

For all content creation, we start with the basics of what you are trying to relay and lay out a plan to deliver your work in stages – with deliberate times worked in to capture your feedback as we progress. 

Editing services will factor in your deadlines, the level of editing you need, and the audience you are trying to reach.

Communication Strategy Services provide a more in-depth analysis of your businesses communication efforts and thus deliverables will range from a few weeks to 6 months.

A general strategy will review your business and marketing efforts, relevant research on your audience, and a review of your competitor’s marketing efforts.  

Full communication audits are more robust and build on the general strategies offered with interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys.

All surveys or interview questions will be shared and cleared in advance of any service. Audits will be performed in person or virtually.