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“Whatever I say and do, I cannot not communicate. Communication therefore involves a complex multi-layered, dynamic process through which we exchange meaning.”

~Nancy Adler

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Candice Ward-Ferris, M.A.

Candice founded Ward-Ferris Consulting after observing how organizations’ communication strategies often overlook the role culture plays in their outreach. As she experienced different cultures in and outside the United States, she committed herself to researching effective ways to communicate cross-culturally.


It was, however, her first miscommunication when studying abroad that sparked her curiosity of how to better understand the way people process and communicate information.  Since that time, she has dedicated her career to the international affairs and communication sector.


Over the past 20 years, she has studied, lived, worked, and traveled to roughly 40 countries.  She has created and managed programs that prepare students for overseas experiences in almost every corner of the world, and has prepared secondary educators to teach in the United States.  

Candice has managed the day-to-day operations of advertising campaigns; generated advertisements and copy; created all press-related material for organizations; edited publications; trained U.S. embassy staff on branding, outreach and communication; and written branding and outreach strategies for multi-cultural organizations.

Her undergraduate studies in North Carolina and England focused on political science and English.  She has a Master of Arts in communication and leadership studies, with a concentration on international media and intercultural communication from Gonzaga University.  She has published research on marketing in ethnically diverse markets, and as a military spouse, teaches resiliency training workshops for spouses of active duty soldiers.


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